About Us

Internationally the implementation of Financial Sector Reforms has posed different types of challenges to the Banks. The process of financial supervision and controls is becoming more and more risk management oriented.

This has resulted in manifold increase in demand for information by Regulatory and Monitoring authorities necessitating the Banks to collect, compile and submit voluminous information frequently as compliance function. The paradigm shift in supervisory controls necessitates availability of large volume of operational data on the bank business to sub serve the macro requirements for corporate planning as also for micro level Risk Management. Banks require reliable monitoring system on Liabilities, Assets and Other contingent business exposure.

The voluminous dataneeds to flow from various transaction systems like Core Banking Solution (CBS), TBA/ TBC & other Non-CBS system. The enormity of the tasks require IT solutions encompassing the business issues leveraging the power of contemporary technologies. D2K Technologies offers a comprehensive and reliable solution to meet such requirements of banks ranging from small branch network to large Public Sector Banks (PSBs) with large branch network (4-5 thousand branches). The solutions deployed enabled branches to do away with reporting functions and receive and receive information reports for as operational inputs. The data transfer, cleaning, staging, report generation and pushing the relevant reports to the users is offered in convenient modules. Since, significant proportion of reporting function originates from credit portfolio, the branches are under tremendous work pressure to submit complex reports frequently. To enable easy implementation a conscious implementation strategy is adopted by focusing on critical business issues impacting the bottom line of operational units viz Scientific Management of Asset Quality through business reports for various levels of administration starting with branch level reports. The solutions facilitate generation of reports for Early-Warning signals so that prompt corrective action could be initiated to arrest deterioration in loan quality. Banks can minimize default risk as also avoid concentration risk in credit portfolio through focused attention on accounts in the Early Warning Reports. Submission of data to CIBIL.

D2K Technologies believes in providing totally customized MIS solutions to the banking industry. Our solutions not only expedite the decision making process at apex level but the benefits of the system are realized down to the branch level. Having rich experience in implementing solutions at such large geographical spread and equally for computerized / non-computerized branches places us at a distinct position in IT industry.

Experienced ex-bankers, leading practicing Chartered Accountants and successful business entrepreneurs have promoted the company.

The team at D2K Technologies is fully committed to its task. Personnel are technically qualified and having vast experience in developing and implementing solutions. Currently solutions developed by D2K Technologies are running in many nationalized banks and in few others are under implementation. The names of the clients can be provided if specifically requested.