To suit the requirement of a systematic presentation D2K has designed & developed proprietary report formats to serve the objective of compilation and verification of data and its acceptance. The verification reports and work sheets help the auditors/ inspectors and the bank officials in ascertaining theRWA (Risk Weighted Assets) at various levels and in internalizing the guidelines in the work process.

Basel II aims to encourage the use of modern risk management techniques; and to encourage banks to ensure that their risk management capabilities are commensurate with the risks of their business. Previously, regulators' main focus was on credit risk and market risk. Basel II takes a more sophisticated approach to credit risk, in that it allows banks to make use of internal ratings based Approach - or 'IRB Approach' as they have become known - to calculate their capital requirement for credit risk.

    Basel II is based on a framework of three Pillars:
  • Minimum Capital Requirement
  • Supervisory Review and
  • Market Discipline.

Banks have been implementing Capital Adequacy guidelines and computing capital requirement as a proportion to the Risk Weighted Assets . With the introduction of Revised Capital Adequacy Framework by Reserve Bank of India (RBI) the banks are expected to put in place appropriate systems to address the computation and assessment of risk weighted assets.

The solution provides generation of master summary, outstanding of exposure with total advances thereby giving a first level of comfort to the officials/auditors. The master summary is supported by category wise list reports total of which will agree with the total report under each category. Further, menu driven verification reports for funded standard / NPA, Non-funded, undrawn (Off balance sheet items) is also provided in the solution.


  • The Assessment of Risks is adequately addressed.
  • The suggested comprehensive database can be leveraged for many other management decisions.
  • Issues are parameterized to take care of future changes in guidelines.
  • Can work as Management tool in future projection of business vis-a-vis Capital requirement across the board.
  • The software is designed to address the issue from Standardized Approach.
  • Computation of Tier I and Tier II Capital is scientifically arranged.


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