Cash Credit facilities in banks are given to meet out working capital requirement of borrowers. Customers are allowed to withdraw money to meet out the day-to-day funds requirement to the extent of limit sanctioned and deposit the receipts into their cash credit account. This results in frequent transactions into the account with no fixed drawl and repayment schedule.

The Asset Liability Management is one of the critical activities for Banks to ensure smooth inflow and outflow of funds. Banks collect the period wise residual maturity of all inflows and outflows expected and match inflow with outflows so that liquidity balance is maintained. The Banks have evolved/ outsourced systems to compute inflows/ outflows in respect of various types of funds, however, due to unique nature of operations in Cash Credit facilities a broad framework has been suggested by Reserve Bank of India and branches compute inflows and outflows in cash Credit facilities manually as per guidelines of RBI.

These computations are required to be executed on a fortnightly basis by all branches and submitted to HO for final compilation. Due to short frequency (fortnightly) of submission of the information, it is observed that it is huge task to collect the information for all branches and timely compilation of the same at Head Office. Further, the manual computation of fluctuating portion is a tedious process and there are always to manual error that may lead to erroneous figures at Head Office level.

Currently, no automated system is available to implement computation of inflows/ outflows in Cash Credit facilities, D2K Technologies is one of the first to provide such functionality to Banking Industry. The model deployed enables the industry to automate process of inflow/ outflow compute for CC facilities also. Residual Maturity computation for Bills & Demand Loan/ Term Loam facilities is already facilitated through CRisMac System. This module serves as add module to existing ALM systems provided by other service providers that do not provide functionality of computation of inflow & outflow of cash Credit facilities


    Following issues are addressed through implementation of CC-ALM module:
  • Branch wise/ facility wise computation of Core and fluctuating portion of Cash Credit facilities.
  • Prepare residual maturity bucket wise statement for cash credit facilities at branch/ region/ zone and bank level.
  • Prepare facility wise percentage work sheet of computation of core & fluctuating portion for verification at branch level.
  • Prepare facility wise bucket wise work sheet for verification at branch level.
  • Provide functionality to manually change percent wise distribution of fluctuating portion in identified facilities where seasonality factor may influence the inflows & flows beyond the scope of framework for inflow/ outflow computation.
  • Provide functionality to upload the data extracted from transaction systems, in specified format, on specified intervals.
  • Provide screens for updating information in respect of manual branches at RO/ nearby location.
  • Provide functionality to manage users at HO/ZO/ RO and branch level.

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