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Today, organizations are seeking to establish key performance indicators with actionable metrics, evaluate enterprise-wide success with personalized parameters and empower decision makers with accurate and timely business-critical information. CRisMac Analytics, a WEB based Decision Support Tool enables dynamic multi-dimensional analysis of facts and figures utilizing the comprehensive updated database created through CRisMac system. The key performance indicators are identified keeping in view of short term and long-term information requirement of the organization. Our professional team associates with domain experts/ decision makers in the organization in developing the result oriented BI tools within a short period. The solution is capable to provide effective information with-in.

CRisMac Analytics for effective Decision support System.

  • Sectors/ Segments
  • Industries
  • Constitution
  • Sanction/ Review Authorities
  • Schematic Lending Analysis
  • Administrative Locations Bank/Zone/Region/ Branch as per client’s administrative setup.
  • Geographical Locations (Country/State/ District/ Village )
  • Area wise Analysis (Metropolitan/Urban/Semi-urban/Rural)
  • Asset Classification
  • Interest rate ranges
  • Limit Wise advances Accounts
  • Credit ratings As per bank’s credit rating system
  • Disbursement dates of loan accounts Performance of loans Disbursement of loan during various years/quarters
  • Customer Religion
  • Customer Caste

We may mention here that potential for CRisMac Analytics is not limited only to Loans related database but it can provide enterprise-wide Information Management system.    
  • No of Accounts
  • Total Advances
  • Recoveries
  • Slippages
  • Provision
  • Provision on Standard Assets
  • Fresh Slippages
  • Intt. Income on Advances
  • Overdues
  • Standard Amount
  • NPA Amount
  • Critical Amount Due (CAD™)
  • Critical Amount In default (CADU™)
  • Provision on NPA Assets
  • Provision on Slippages
  • Non Funded Exposure

Partners in Implementation

D2K Technologies has expertise in the area of implementation of the similar systems in banking industry. Our teams have rich experience of implementing systems in three large PSBs and one private sector bank covering over 7300 branches and 185 administrative offices.

Success of the system is in execution of its unique implementation methodology. The highlights of the strategy are:

  • Knowledge Transfer of implementation strategies.
  • Associating in planning critical functions of implementation processes.
  • SRS and formation of Core Team.
  • Customization and system acceptance.
  • Implementation in pilot Branch and concurrent fine-tuning.
  • Roll out in Pilot Region & planning for Bank Roll out.
  • Feed back analysis & customization and Bank Roll Out.
  • Periodic joint review of implementation progress to meet pre-defined mile-stones.
  • The SRS study, analysis, customization and pilot implementation.
  • Pilot Region migration roll out can be completed in time thereafter.
  • Training Schedules and Bank roll out can be planned.
  • Module II of the system and monthly module will be activated with the completion of migration of the main module.

CRisMac Analytics: It is envisaged that duly validated data of CRisMac will be available for providing Analytical Engine on a web server for its use by user dept. Project Management: Microsoft Solutions Framework Project success is dependent on more than just good technology. People and process issues need to be addressed as well. The Microsoft® Solutions Framework (MSF) is a collection of models, principles, and practices that help organizations frame problems and facilitate effective creation and use of technology to solve business problems. The project management techniques advocated in MSF are based on best practices from product developers, consultants, service providers, and customers worldwide. MSF provides rigorous project guidance that is flexible enough to be adapted to meet the needs of the project and the organization. The core building blocks for this MSF-based solutions guidance are the six major MSF models: the Enterprise Architecture Model, the Team Model, the Process Model, the Risk Management Model, the Design Process Model and the Application Model. MSF exposes critical risks, important planning assumptions and key interdependencies required for successfully planning, building, and managing a technology infrastructure or a business solution.

Roles and Responsibilities

It is proposed that the project will be implemented by a joint team of consultants from D2K Technologies and the Bank Core Team. The teams would work together to realize the objective of deployment of CRisMac system.These are the general roles and responsibilities outlined for this project: Project Team profiles: The Bank shall designate a Team Leader for Project Management, who will articulate a vision for the Solution, acquire and quantify end-user requirements, develop and maintain the business case and manage user expectations. This Program Management team of D2K shall drive the critical decisions necessary to release the right product or service at the right time, and coordinate the required decisions to deliver it in a manner consistent with organizational standards.. Development team of D2K Technologies shall be entrusted with the Development i.e. build, implement products and provide services that meets the specification and end-user expectations, delivering a system that is fully compliant with the negotiated functional specification.

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