CRisMAC Search

CRisMac Search enables its clients to keep a track of all queries/ applicants for loan and pre-warn if the applicant has approached any other branch of the same bank or having exposure in some other branch of the same bank.

Due to high availability of funds in the market and fierce competition among financial intermediaries, many people tend to take advantage of the situation. There have been cases where one person has availed loan from more than one institution or more than one branch of the same bank.

The database created through CRisMAC System is uploaded on central data server and branches are provided access to the database through CRisMAC Search engine. Whenever, a query for loan is received by the branch, he may access this database and find out whether the applicant has approached for some kind of facilities in other branch or has availed loan from any of its bank's branch. The report generated can be kept as record and used to deny the loan to undesirable element.