D2K Technologies offers its premium products viz CRisMac system and CRisMac Analytics.

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Krishak Smart Card CRisMac Legal Automated Data Flow (ADF)
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Balance Sheet Module Risk Rating Module CC-ALM
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Financial Sector Reforms has created immense pressure on banking industry as information demands from regulatory and monitoring authorities increased manifold. Due to the fast pace changes taking place in the sector, information requirement has also become more dynamic. Banks now acknowledge the ability of technology in addressing emerging issues be it in customer service, credit management or more complex issue of risk management. Consequently, Information Technology is seen as the best bet in enabling the banking sector to meet the challenges posed by the changes and function as growth propeller through effective use of knowledge.

At D2K Technologies, a dedicated team of professionals evolve concepts and innovate solutions on contemporary technologies and provide banking industry with unique process specific solutions. The solutions are oriented to ensure smooth flow of data from various sources and present to the users as discernable knowledge. Central to this concept is to provide bankers with appropriate IT solutions on most contemporary technologies, which are simple to comprehend, easy to adapt and enriching in experience. The essence of Data to Discernable Knowledge is to provide the banking community systems that can have profound impact on the processes, profitability and simultaneously enrich their job role. We believe that the success of any system is the measure of its acceptability by the general user and that is our benchmark while designing the system. Our choice of contemporary technologies is to provide the best in the industry and simultaneously enable its users to leverage their domain experience to derive professional satisfaction.